eCoupled when & where you need it

The ways eCoupled technology can benefit our lives are countless. Consider how often you need electrical power every day. It’s an ongoing need. Now take every one of these moments and make them safer, greener, more efficient and far more convenient. That’s the power of eCoupled.

Here are just a few of the ways eCoupled can impact our lives:


eCoupled will one day integrate into the walls and surfaces of your home. If you’re watching the big game, the TV won’t need to be plugged in. Power will be delivered wirelessly via the eCoupled-enabled wall. In the kitchen, a multipurpose countertop will allow you to mix, chop, blend and boil all on the same powered surface. There will be no cords to plug in, or outlets to worry about. An eCoupled-enabled home is just plain safe.


Soon your vehicle, train, or bus ride will have eCoupled on board. While you’re going places, eCoupled will power and charge your mobile device, laptop, or MP3 player. eCoupled is intelligent power. So devices utilizing it only draw power on an as-needed basis. eCoupled is remarkably efficient.


eCoupled intelligent wireless power streamlines the workplace by never requiring you to plug in for power. eCoupled is so smart that, when no devices are detected, it automatically stops the supply of electricity to the charging area. Most traditional power sources continue to supply electricity whether devices are plugged in or not. With eCoupled, it’s easy being green.


With eCoupled in our lives, laptops won’t shutdown halfway over the Atlantic Ocean. Seat trays will be integrated with our wireless charging technology. You won’t need to search for an outlet, or lug around an assortment of chargers and adaptors for your laptop, mobile phone, digital camera and other devices. And during your hotel stay, the furniture in your room will be eCoupled-enabled. Place a device on one and it will power up or recharge. Plus, no matter where you travel, eCoupled speaks the universal language of wireless power. eCoupled supports a universal standard.