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Fulton Innovation Unveils the Next Generation of Wireless Power Solutions at CES 2012

Never-Before Seen Flexibility and Freedom of Wireless Power Charges Phone Inside a Handbag and Brings Magazines to Life

Fulton Innovation Partners with Electri-Cable Assemblies to Announce Wireless Power Integration in New Power Base

ECA's Wireless Villa™ Brings Wireless and Traditional Power Capabilities to a Variety of Surfaces

Fulton Innovation Named 2011 Golden Bridge Awards Winner in the Technology Innovation and IT Innovation in Electronics Categories

Fulton Recognized for its Contributions to Wireless Power Technology Innovation

Fulton Innovation Partners with Electri-Cable Assemblies and Leggett & Platt at NeoCon to Show a Wireless Power Base for the Office Environment

Conference Table Electrical Mount with eCoupled™ Wireless Power Option on Display in Showroom Number 8-3122

Fulton Innovation Brings NFC, Spatial Freedom, and Medium Power Capabilities to Wireless Power

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Fulton Expands its Wireless Power Capabilities to Allow for Greater Design Freedom in a World Without Power Cords

Wireless electricity is shockingly good - April 14, 2011 - WIRELESS electricity has arrived in the UK for the first time - paving the way for the next generation of gadgets like this invisible 'hob'.

The technology turns a normal looking work surface into an instant power source which can heat saucepans, charge phones and run kettles.

Induction Powered Fried Eggs - eCoupled Technology - Video

Frying an egg at Gadget Show Live 2011


Wireless Power Demos from Fulton Innovation on Show for the First Time in the UK at Gadget Show Live

Fulton Innovation demonstrates their leadership in emerging technology by demonstrating eCoupled™ intelligent wireless power™ with applications in the kitchen of the future, consumer packaging and wirelessly powered mobile phones compliant to the Qi standard for wireless power transfer.

eCoupled at Gadget Show (Booth #FT7) Video

Enjoy a preview of eCoupledTM intelligent wireless powerTM in action for Gadget Show 2011.


New HTC and LG Mobile Devices on the Verizon Wireless Network Feature Wireless Charging Capabilities from Fulton Innovation

Fulton Works with Texas Instruments to Integrate eCoupled™ Wireless Technology into Qi-Compliant HTC and LG Devices

Fulton Innovation Showing New Applications of Wireless Power for Mobile Devices During CTIA International 2011

Company shows mobile phones with standards-based wireless power fully integrated into devices, without changing the form factor

Podcast: Fulton Innovation's Bret Lewis interviewed on West Michigan radio station WOOD

WOOD Radio – February 27, 2011 – Clearly Community Public Affairs program interview with Fulton Innovation's Director Bret Lewis. 

Eight things you need to know about Mobile World Congress - February 23, 2011 - MWC is always a good place to look out for emerging technologies. Fulton Innovation has developed some truly eye-catching wireless technology that should make retailers take notice.

Fulton Innovation Bringing New Wireless Power Advances to Europe’s Mobile Community During Mobile World Congress 2011

Catch a preview of Qi-compliant mobile phones and smart packaging that charges mobile phones while still on the store shelf, all without wires

2011 CES - Wireless electricity enables next generation of annoying packaging – January 28, 2011 – Yep, these cereal boxes light up. They’re using a new branded-technology called eCoupling that provides electricity via induction, which means the shelves have a coil with AC power running through it. The “printed coils” on the boxes allow inventory control and data exchange presumably thanks to a low-power microcontroller.