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Induction Powered Fried Eggs - eCoupled Technology - Video

Frying an egg at Gadget Show Live 2011


eCoupled at Gadget Show (Booth #FT7) Video

Enjoy a preview of eCoupledTM intelligent wireless powerTM in action for Gadget Show 2011.


2011 CES - Fulton eCoupled Does Wireless Power [Video] – January 27, 2011 – Dave Baarman presents Fulton eCoupled Wireless Power ( They have systems for wirelessly powering things such as cell phones and even systems using conductive ink for “smart packaging” that actually lights up the packaging when placed on a special conductive grocery store shelf.

2011 CES - We’ve seen the future at CES: it’s wireless power [Video] – January 13, 2011 – You’ve seen those pads that can recharge your devices without needing to plug them in, but this takes wireless power to a new level. Fulton Innovation isn’t exactly a household name, but if their wireless power technology takes off, it could end up powering everything from your car to your ke

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