Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago


Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

eCoupled in action

See the eCoupled wireless kitchen countertop work its magic at the Smart Home: Green + Wired exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Smart Home is Chicago’s Greenest Home—a three-story, fully functioning eco-friendly living space, loaded with unique 21st century home

With a redesigned interior courtesy of Midwest Living, Smart Home features the hottest tech products chosen by technology partner WIRED magazine. This year’s exhibit showcases great spaces for entertaining as well as an eCoupled-enabled kitchen countertop, a master bedroom retreat, whimsical nursery/playroom, functional home office and a gadget-friendly garage—all in keeping with earth’s natural elements.

Smart Home is a must-see exhibit for those who want their home and life, to be smarter, more efficient and more in tune with the environment. Sponsored by ComEd and Dominick’s, the exhibit is open through January 9, 2011. Visit for directions or to purchase tickets. For more information, visit

why eCoupled technology in a green home?

eCoupled technology is safe, convenient wireless power. Thanks to sophisticated communication protocols, it allows devices and power sources to actively communicate in real time. eCoupled determines a device's exact power needs and knows when to supply power and when to shut off. This intelligence makes eCoupled a green solution. How? It virtually eliminates wasteful "vampire" power that chargers often continue to draw when in standby mode or when not attached to a device.

eCoupled also offers new levels of design innovation by not requiring engineers and designers to account for power cords and bulky transformers. This flexibility means more efficient use of charging solutions and more environmentally sensitive design material choices, potentially eliminating the dumping of hundreds of millions of broken, used, or incompatible chargers into landfills.

Additionally, eCoupled offers designers flexibility through interoperability, creating opportunities for universal power solutions (instead of having different and unique chargers for each device). Qi is the universal wireless standard being developed by the Wireless Power Consortium. Having a standard eliminates substantial amounts of manufacturing and consumer waste.


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