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2011 CES - Wireless Power coming to you from eCoupled via the 2011 CES – January 28, 2011 – Wireless power transfer is not exactly a new concept - the visionary scientist/engineer Nikola Tesla conceived of such technologies almost 100 years ago. In more recent times, Fulton Innovation has been making such a concept come true in nearby Ada, Michigan.

2011 CES - Fulton eCoupled Does Wireless Power [Video] – January 27, 2011 – Dave Baarman presents Fulton eCoupled Wireless Power ( They have systems for wirelessly powering things such as cell phones and even systems using conductive ink for “smart packaging” that actually lights up the packaging when placed on a special conductive grocery store shelf.

Building smart homes of the future

BBC – January 27, 2011 – You come home after a long, hard day at work.

Having grabbed a frozen meal on the way home, you set it down on the coffee table and turn the kettle on.

Seems normal, right?

2011 CES - Knipperpak steelt de show in Las Vegas [Netherlands] – January 20, 2011 – Op de technologiebeurs CES in Las Vegas waren de knipperende verpakkingen van eCoupled geheel op hun plaatst.

2011 CES - Fulton Innovations demo wireless car charging [Photos] – January 19, 2011 – Photo gallery of the Tesla wirelessly charging on display at 2011 CES

2011 CES - eCoupled diseña envases que pueden conectarse a un teléfono móvil [Spain] – January 17, 2011 – La compañía Fulton Innovation ha presentado en la feria internacional de dispositivos electrónicos CES 2011 (Consumer Electronic Show) de Las Vegas el envase eCoupled.

2011 CES - Auto eléctrico que se carga a través del aire [Venezuela] – January 17, 2011 – Quizás en el futuro cuando nos hayamos deshecho del petróleo, todos los autos serán eléctricos.

2011 CES - SBE Featured in Wireless Charging at CES 2011 – January 17, 2011 – The wireless charging system Fulton Innovation had on display at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, gathered great industry interest. There a Tesla EV Roadster was being charged wirelessly using Fulton's eCoupled intelligent wireless power technology.

2011 CES - Tecnología a todo motor [Mexico] – January 15, 2011 – Autos eléctricos y conectados en línea, así como dispositivos inteligentes, marcaron la tendencia automotriz para el 2011 en la mayor feria tecnológica de América

2011 CES - Area techies attend International Consumer Electronics Show – January 15, 2011 – The newest and some of the most advanced technology - from wireless power and a wide range of tablets to 4G cell phones, 3D LED TVs and Ford's newest communications interface, the MyFord Touch - were unveiled last week at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

2011 CES - Electric Car Future: Wireless Charging – January 14, 2011 – In the picture on the left is a sleek red Tesla electric roadster. Although there is a giant jack sticking out of the side of the Tesla where a gas tank would normally be, this jack is not charging the Tesla. It's just for show.

2011 CES - Fulton Innovations Says Wireless Charging is Coming to Cars

Car and Driver – January 14, 2011 – General Motors is already planning to give you wireless charging inside of its cars courtesy of Powermat, but when it comes to adding juice to the Volt you’re still left plugging in some kind of charging cable.

2011 CES - Auto elettriche: la ricarica wireless è già realtà [Italy] – January 14, 2011 – Dopo il caricatore wireless per smartphone, ecco lo strumento per ricaricare le preziosissime (in ogni senso) batterie delle auto elettriche. Naturalmente senza bisogno del collegamento diretto dei cavi.

2011 CES - Sistema carrega bateria de carro 100% elétrico sem uso de tomada [Brazil]

r7 – January 13, 2011 – Uma das novidades tecnológicas mais aguardadas nos Estados Unidos é o sistema de carregamento de bateria sem fio para aparelhos pequenos, como celulares e controles remotos. A GM, por exemplo, confirmou que alguns de seus carros serão equipados com a novidade a partir de 2012.