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2011 CES - Wireless Electric Car Charges CES 2011 – January 08, 2011 – The Nissan Leaf and the Chevy Volt are about to crowd driveways across the country, their owners bearing plugs and seeking outlets instead of pumps and gasoline. Wireless electricity company Fulton Innovations suggests that these owners shed their cords and charge, plug-free. But, given speed and efficiency losses, is this practical?

2011 CES - Informática y electrodomésticos, unidos para siempre [Spain] – January 08, 2011 – Da rabia darle la razón otra vez a Steve Jobs. Se lo va a creer, pero no queda otra. En Apple aparato y sistema operativo siempre fueron unidos (luego llegaría Microsoft y se separó el software del fabricante de hardware, o sea de ordenadores).

2011 CES - 10 buzz-worthy gadgets from CES [Photos] – January 08, 2011 – 2011 CES photo gallery on

2011 CES - Envases inteligentes y autococinables en el CES 2011 [Spain] – January 8, 2011 – No solo de 'tablets' vive el CES. La feria de tecnología también es el escenario para nuevos inventos que buscan aplicar mejoras tecnológicas a elementos de uso cotidiano.

2011 CES - Tra Star Wars in Blu-ray, TV 3D ed elicotteri spia, ecco il Ces 2011 [Italy] – January 08, 2011 – Dopo i primi tre giorni di kermesse, il CES 2011 di Las Vegas, la principale esposizione di elettronica di conusmo del mondo, non delude. Conferma il buono stato di salute di questo settore dell'economia e regala qualche brivido agli appassionati di gadget tecnologici.

2011 CES - eCoupled Enabled Tesla Gets Top Place for Best of 2011 CES – January 07, 2011 – The dream of cable-free charging is to put your device down on any surface (your desk, the counter at Starbucks), and BAM! it's charging up. eCoupled has taken that concept and written it large, showing off a Tesla electric car juicing up on a charging pad through magnetic-coil power technology.

2011 CES - Charge your Electric Vehicle (EV) Wirelessly with Fulton Innovation's eCoupled Technology –January 07, 2011 – We’ve seen mats that allow you to charge your gadgets cordlessly just by placing them down (Chevy actually just unveiled the one that is going to be in all of their new Volts), but how about something a little bit larger – like a whole car?

2011 CES - eCoupled Makes Best of 2011 CES – January 07, 2011 – You know what? There's some pretty sweet gear at this year's CES: tablets galore, smart cameras, cool phones, audiophile pr0n. Woot! This little trade show might have a future! Check out some of our favorites.

2011 CES - Dispatches from CES [eCoupled Packaging] – January 07, 2011 – The CESpool of Sin City may have gotten to us. Or maybe the rest of the world is taking crazy pills. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, the sludgy coffee or the fact that our editor in chief literally asked aloud, "Is this lettuce or chicken?" The dry air is getting to our heads.

2011 CES - Charge Your Tesla Without Wires by the Magic of Induction – January 07, 2011 – If you have a Tesla electric sports car, then that messy cable you need to power it up with may be getting on your wick.

2011 CES - Watch a Tesla Roadster Get Charged Wirelessly – January 07, 2011 – Imagine pulling into a parking space that charges your EV wirelessly, while you go and pop a pill for dinner. The eCoupled induction charger for electric cars is one car-related doo-dad showing at CES this week. The future's now, apparently.

2011 CES - The World's First Wirelessly Powered Tesla Car – January 07, 2011 – Over 100 years since Nikola Tesla first began playing around with wireless power, and I believe if he could see what I saw today he’d be clapping in his grave (although wondering why it took so damn long).

2011 CES - Wireless Electricity Demonstrated at CES – January 07, 2011 – The wireless transfer of electricity from power sources to devices could become a reality with innovative technology being demonstrated at home-tech event International CES in Las Vegas from January 6-9.

2011 CES - eCoupled Wirelessly Charges Your Tesla & Smartphone – January 07, 2011 – The future is definitely going to be wireless, and not just when it comes to data. eCoupled has been figuring out ways to power and charge all of your stuff without wires, from cell phones to laptops to Tesla Roadsters.

2011 CES - eCoupled Wirelessly Charges Your Tesla Roadster – January 07, 2011 – Electric vehicles (EVs) are definitely a part of the future, but most folks don’t enjoy having to plug them in to charge. Of course, induction-charging technology is already available and Fulton Innovation is planning to use induction coils to make wireless charging on the Tesla Roadsters possible.