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2011 CES - Fulton Innovation Blows our Minds with eCoupled Wireless Tesla – January 07, 2011 – Wondering what your future kitchen looks like? Take a gander at what Fulton Innovation is showing at CES this year. They're also giving a peek at the future of retail shopping, and even parking lots.

2011 CES - La recharge sans fil au CES [France] – January 7, 2011 – En ce moment se tient à Las Vegas le fameux CES, le Consumer Electronics Show, grand salon des innovations électroniques. La société eCoupled en profite pour présenter sa dernière innovation appliquée à l'automobile : la recharge sans fil par induction.

2011 CES - Consumer Electronics Show: News and Notes

Auto Week – January 7, 20011 – Fulton Innovation's wireless chargers handle everything from mobile phones to Tesla electric roadsters. The roadster charger sits buried in the cement in your driveway and sends 1.5 kw of

2011 CES - New packaging uses wireless technology to cook soup – January 7, 2011 – The subsidiary of Alticor Corporation is showing off the packaging at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week to demonstrate the different applications for its eCoupled wireless technology.

2011 CES - Wireless power - its coming – January 07, 2011 – The wireless transfer of electricity from power sources to devices could become a reality with innovative technology being demonstrated at home-tech event International CES in Las Vegas from January 6-9.

2011 CES - La Tesla Roadster passe au rechargement sans fil [France] – January 07, 2011 – Imaginez la scène: vous garez votre Tesla Roadster dans un parking, et elle se recharge sans fil pendant que vous faites vos emplettes.

2011 CES - Wireless electricity demo in Las Vegas – January 07, 2011 – Exactly 68 years to the day after the death of Nikola Tesla, a US company has demonstrated what it claims to be one of the most efficient and commercially applicable means of transferring electricity wirelessly without the need for power cables to date.

2011 CES - Tech toys unveiled – January 07, 2011 – Fulton also hopes to add eCoupled power transmitters to supermarket shelves to activate specially printed package labels that would glow like brightly lit miniature billboards. The Fulton representatives demonstrated a box of Honey Nut Cheerios with a logo that flashed and gleamed as it rested on an eCoupled shelf.

2011 CES - eCoupled Brings Wireless Charging To Electric Cars – January 07, 2011 – You’ve all no doubt seen the various wireless chargers out there; the Powermats and those like them that allow you to simply set your phone or similar device down on a pad and allow it to charge without having to hook a cord to it.

2011 CES - The Stove-Killer: Wireless Charging Techology Cooks Soup – January 7, 2011 – While all the other bloggers are busy getting excited about the technological wizardry being unveiled at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, the poor old food section has, once again, felt a bit left out.

2011 CES - Light-Up Cereal Boxes and Self-Cooking Soup Powered by the Magic of Induction – January 07, 2011 – "OMG, stop everything, there's no need to invent anything else," was what we said when we got to the eCoupled stand at CES. And when you see these photos and video, we're sure you'll agree.

2011 CES - Interactive and intelligent food packaging [Video] – January 07, 2011 – In a technological leap that has to be seen to be believed (or easily explained), Fulton Innovation has found a way to make food labels digitally and wirelessly interactive.

2011 CES - De la cuisine à la salle de bains, la maison du tout connecté [France]

afp – January 07, 2011 – LAS VEGAS (Etats-Unis) — De la cuisine à la salle de bains en passant par la chambre, toute la maison se met progressivement à l'ère du tout connecté, avec des appareils "intelligents" permettant d'ajuster la consommation d'énergie et d'assurer des suivis à distance.

2011 CES - Los otros iPads y megatelevisores, estrellas del CES en Las Vegas [Spain] – January 07, 2011 – Un CES no sería un CES sin alguna -muchas, en realidad- demostración tirando a friki de algún producto o tecnología, como por ejemplo la que está haciendo Fulton Innovations de sus dispositivos de carga inalámbricos con tecnología eCoupled… Usándolos para calentar comida precocinada dentro del bote en el que viene, bote que recibe el calor de una de sus bases de car