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2011 CES - Electroluminescent Induction Powered Cereal Boxes? – January 06, 2011 – At this year’s Pepcom Digital Experience, Fulton Innovation, makers of the fine eCoupled wireless induction charging solutions, were showing off unique applications for the technology. The one that caught our eyes?

2011 CES - The future of food is wireless in the store and in your home – January 06, 2011 – Imagine being out in your car and suddenly having the urge to bake cookies. Do you have eggs at home? Do you have milk to drink with your cookies? An app on your phone tells you that you have 12 eggs, more than enough to make Tollhouse cookies but you are out of milk.

2011 CES - US firm develops soup packaging that cooks contents – January 06, 2011 – Wireless power specialist Fulton Innovation has developed a soup container that heats the contents without the need for a cooker or microwave.

2011 CES - Empresa mostra sopa que se esquenta com energia sem fio [Brazil] – January 06, 2011 – Internet sem fio já não é novidade para quase ninguém, mas energia sem fio ainda é uma tecnologia muito mais rara. Uma parceria entre a eCoupled, empresa especializada neste tipo de transmissão energética, e a Fulton Innovations está sendo apresentada durante a CES 2011, Las Vegas.

2011 CES - Une soupe qui se chauffe toute seule [France] – January 06, 2011 – On tombe parfois sur d'étonnants produits, au Consumer Electronics Show de Las Vegas. Voici par exemple ce pot de soupe de poulet aux vermicelles, qui semble tout droit importé du supermarché du coin.

2011 CES - Fascinating Tech From Michigan’s CES Delegation – January 06, 2011 – My favorite thing about covering the International Consumer Eectronics Show is seeing all these cool Michigan companies – many of which you never hear of outside their occasional mention in GLITR, but which are often giants in their respective high-tech niches. 


2011 CES - This Soup Is Cooking...In Its Packaging – January 06, 2011 – Quick free association exercise: What do you think of when I say "wireless power?" My answer, as of twenty minutes ago: a cup of soup cooking instantly when set on a wireless charging surface. While still in its packaging.

2011 CES - eCoupled Creates Packaging That Cooks – January 6, 2011 – A few years ago I witnessed an eCoupled presentation of wireless power. While the underlying tech is nothing new, the execution is probably miles away from what Nikola Tesla imagined. For example, news coming out of CES 2011… food that cooks directly in the packaging… and no, not in a microwave.

2011 CES - eCoupled wirelessly charges your phone and your Tesla Roadster – January 06, 2011 – The future is definitely going to be wireless, and not just when it comes to data. eCoupled has been figuring out ways to power and charge all of your stuff without wires, from cell phones to laptops to Tesla Roadsters.

2011 CES - Fulton Innovation blows our minds with eCoupled wireless Tesla, inductive cereal boxes [Video] – January 06, 2011 – Wondering what your future kitchen looks like? Take a gander at what Fulton Innovation is showing at CES this year. They're also giving a peek at the future of retail shopping, and even parking lots. It's all the magic of inductive charging, and now that the Qi standard has been finalized it seems like things are coming together.

2011 CES - Marketing People May Begin Drooling Now – January 05, 2011 – With "Press Day" winding down, the booths for the Consumer Electronics Show are still under construction at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Within all that action, we were granted early access to the booth from Fulton Innovat

Fulton Innovation Raising the Bar for Wireless Power with New Applications for a Truly Wireless World at 2011 CES

eCoupled™ Technology to Wirelessly Charge an Electric Vehicle and Heat Instant Soup in its Container – Without a Microwave

2011 CES - Green Guide to CES 2011 – January 04, 2011 – Wireless power technology has perpetually been over hyped and under delivered. That isn’t stopping industry groups from continuing to talk about it.

Top 10 Products of 2010 (American School & University)

American School & University – December 01, 2010 – KI. The company has partnered with Fulton Innovation, creator and licensor of eCoupled technology—an intelligent wireless power solution that can charge portable devices without traditional power cords. eCoupled provides wireless power management to any applicable furniture surface.

Wireless Charging Market To Hit $11.8 Billion by 2020 – November 24, 2010 – Wireless charging has been growing in popularity the last couple years. This last Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showed several promising companies, and there are sure to be more in January at the next show.